Meet the Monty's team

Deano and Louise Allnutt
Louise Allnutt started Monty's of Torbay in July 1999 and built the business steadily over the next 3 years while juggling a new baby and a household full of animals. By July 2003 we'd grown heaps and needed a name that reflected what we did a bit better as we'd had people guessing that we operated anything from a restaurant to a strip club! Monty's Promotions was created in 2003 and as there were only a few promo companies at the time with a decent web presence and even fewer who operated as more than a one man band, we grew rapidly. Most of our clients couldn't believe that we actually replied to emails within a few hours as the norm back then from our competitors was 2-3 days if at all.   Louise can be found in the office most days handling anything that needs to be done and will be your point of contact for indent orders and any artwork that needs to be tweaked. She goes to trade shows in Asia to ensure that you have the latest promotional products at your finger tips when looking for something new and different each year.
After much negotiating with Louise's husband, Deano Allnutt finally jumped ship as a sales consultant at his father's business "Nutex Wholesalers" to join the Monty's sales team in Nov 04. She had to throw in Sky TV as the final deal breaker! Deano's well known in the textile industry and has a vast knowledge of fabric which is a huge advantage to our clients when they need to select clothing for certain working conditions. He has a great manner with our clients and will go out of his way to ensure that you are 100% happy with your order every time. He is VERY passionate about his rugby and holds manager / coach / technical advisory positions for a number of teams from Club rugby to North Harbour right through to NZ Barbarians. His grade of choice is Under 85kg which for those who haven't watched it, is a very fast grade which generally has fewer injuries given the weight restrictions placed on the players. Deano is on the road throughout the week visiting clients, picking up stock and ensuring that the right gear goes to the right place and has the right logo placed on it. If you spot him in his branded car, let us know where and when and we'll send you a spotter's prize. 
Shelley joined the team in Oct 03 and handles all our accounts as well as customer service when required. Her attention to detail is fantastic and we wouldn't dream of sending a newsletter out to our client base without her casting her eye over it first. She works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's. Shelley is an avid bookworm and loves live theatre.
Natalie joined Monty's in June 2011 and has transformed our systems so that we can be even more efficient.  She was new to the promotional products industry when she started but picked it up extremely quickly. Her role as General Manager is to get stuck into anything and everything in the office from taking orders, artwork and accounts. Natalie is a keen tennis player and spends a lot of her free time enjoying the great outdoor lifestyle New Zealand has to offer.

Seona joined Monty's in June 2012 to cover Corina's maternity leave and ended up staying with us.  Though she has a customer service background, she is new to the promotion industry and is amazed the the variety of items that can be branded. Her role includes answering emails and phone calls that come through.  Her attention to detail ensures that you will get exactly what you ordered, when you need it. She loves spending time outdoors either hiking or camping with family and friends.  She works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.
Roxy was probably the first member of staff as she was carried around to various clients looking gorgeous and boosting sales while still in a front pack.   She joined us as an official member of staff in June 06 when she turned 6 and has spent many hours over the past few years filing, counting stock and sending out thank you cards to our new clients. Roxy's loves tennis and athletics all year round. She's a fantastic older sister to Max who will no doubt join this page in more detail in years to come.

NZ Barbarians U85kg Rugby Squad in their Monty's uniforms

Here is Deano with the NZ Barbarian Under 85kg Development squad.