Montys Promotions Guarantee

You can be assured that we stand behind every product we sell and the service we offer. There is no job too small or jobs we can't do. Nothing is too hard - we offer solutions!!

We guarantee you will find our service fast, products excellent and results exactly what you wanted to achieve. If you are not happy with your unbranded products, please return them within 7 days for replacement or refund.

We look to develop long-term partnerships with our customers by working with them “to keep your name at the top of the customer’s mind”.

We source products and services to suit the requirements and budgets of customers, from our own imported products plus an extensive range of local and international suppliers.

We develop ideas and keep you informed on new, exciting products that become available.

We work closely with clients to identify their requirements and actively develop solutions to meet those needs.

If you're happy with Monty's, please tell all your friends and if you're not, please tell us!