Are you maximising your print area?

Date: 08-Nov-2018

Are you maximizing your print area? A simple change in your logo formatting can make a huge difference its impact. You can see on these Husqvarna examples here that how moving the symbol above the text can make the entire design look bigger on the final print. Think about how you can make the most of the print area when ordering your promotional products.   

Landscape Logo 

While this size logo is certainly acceptable, if you wanted to increase the impact you can beef it up.  Depending on how strict your logo guidelines / rules are you may be able to change the logo proportions so that you can stretch the logo so that it is as wide as the text underneath to use the entire branding area. 

Stacked Logo

Some of our products like drink bottles may have a wraparound print area which will give you a large branding area so you will have room to put your logo on the front and back of the bottle or you could put your logo on the front and your contact details / slogan / tips and tricks on the other side.  


Montys Drink Bottles Double Logo    OR     Montys Drink Bottle

Let us know what you're wanting to achieve and we'll search for the best product to meet your needs.