Promotional clothing, a walking billboard.

Date: 11-Mar-2019

Promotional t-shirts offer far-reaching benefits. Customers love wearable products that add functional value to their lives. Choose the right T-shirt, and people will wear it again and again, marketing your brand everywhere they go.

1. Target inactive customers
If you’re not careful, you can permanently lose customers who were once regular spenders. Sometimes, inactive customers find better deals from your competitors. Other times, they’re just busy with life and have less need for your product or your contact has moved on from their role.
In these cases, you can renew relationships by showing customers you value their business. Send free T-shirts to inactive customers who have a history of high or frequent purchases. Include a flyer or catalogue with upcoming deals that might interest your target customers.

2. Host a social media contest
Social media offers the perfect conditions for a fast, effective giveaway. The public nature of social sites can spread awareness beyond your core audience. Use this advantage to host a successful contest and keep your community connected to your business. You could ask your customers to take photos of themselves wearing your shirt in various locations and tag your business in their social media post to be in to win a prize.

3. Distribute T-shirts at sponsored events
Don’t waste the brownie points you gain by sponsoring a business event. Being a sponsor puts you in a respected position, and attendees are more likely to have positive feelings about your brand. Get permission from the event coordinator to print custom T-shirts that include event branding. Most people like to keep souvenirs from events they attend.
Putting your business name alongside key event details increases the likelihood that attendees will wear your shirts. If you give shirts out early in the event, you’ll have walking billboards all over the venue.

4. Have staff hand out samples
Dress your team in promotional shirts when you run street marketing campaigns. Doing in-person marketing outside your business or in other public places is a smart way to meet customers face to face. Give out samples if you own a food business or any product that’s easy to demo and distribute on the go. Not only do custom shirts create a uniform look for your team, but they improve brand recognition. Recruit a few high-energy staff members to interact with the public and ask fun trivia or survey questions. You can bring some extras T-shirts to reward people who sign up for a newsletter or loyalty card.

5. Bundle shirts with a popular product
When you’re promoting a new product, include company T-shirts as a bonus gift. A simple freebie can tip the scale in your favour and encourage customers to make future purchases.

6. Bring promotional shirts to membership organizations
Membership organizations are a ripe environment to mingle with business owners who have strong local influence. Use these relationships to expand your network and reach more people.
For example, Chambers of Commerce often host regular pitch events and luncheons. Try giving away freebie T-shirts once or twice or year to remind fellow members to refer your business.


Think outside the box and find ways to incorporate T-shirt promotion ideas into your biggest campaigns. Just make sure you have a clear goal for your promotion before you head to the printers.