Montys joins TerraCycle to recycle your pens

Date: 14-Oct-2019

Monty’s Promotions is excited to join TerraCycle to help minimise waste by recycling writing instruments. TerraCycle offers a range of free programs that are funded by conscientious companies.

We use writing instruments daily, whether it be at home, school or work. Monty’s will recycle them for free, which helps to protect the environment. If these products can be recycled in a meaningful and sustainable way, then that can only good. The recycled materials would be handed back to New Zealand communities in the form of parks and playgrounds.

We are public drop off point so you can drop off or send your writing instruments for recycling to us at:


Monty's Promotions Ltd

63 Cliff Road,


Auckland 0630.

For each 1kg of waste we collect, $1 will be donated to Foster Hope.
To find out more information please click here.