5 Mistakes to avoid when choosing your uniform

Date: 18-Feb-2019

5 mistakes to avoid when selecting your work uniform

Perhaps you already have a uniform and are looking to change things up a bit or are you taking the first step to ensure that your staff show a consistent look across the whole organisation.   Did you know that the right uniform can have a positive influence on your workplace and on your customers. A professional looking uniform can have a significant influence on long-term business and how professional your employees look to customers. A uniform communicates a lot about your business, so your choice in uniform should be researched. Finding the right uniform can be a daunting task. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing work uniforms for your business.

1.Don’t focus on just design - function is very important

Your brand is important, but it can be easy to get distracted with all the colours, styles, and other aspects of design there available, but it’s important to keep function in mind. When it comes to choosing a uniform, the conditions employees will be working in, the ease of movement, comfort and ease they allow your employee, are just as important as branding.

2. Don’t just look at the price

It may be tempting to simply order the cheapest uniforms, but it’s important to compare suppliers as well as designs to make sure you’re getting quality uniforms for your business. This comparison-shopping could avoid making this mistake when choosing a uniform.  

3. Communicate your brand

Think about how your logo will look on the colours and fabrics that you’re interested in.  Don’t be afraid of other branding methods if your logo is too detailed to cope with embroidery or if you need a large logo.  We can now laser engrave large logos on materials like polar fleece which look fantastic and can handle very fine detailing. The designs on your uniform should be as functional as the uniforms themselves, communicating and marketing your brand for you.

4. Don’t pick the first thing you see

It can be a mistake to pick a uniform without comparing all your options. An important part of finding the right uniform is comparing the options. Make sure that everyone is happy with the uniforms you’ll be using for your business.  Don’t rush this process and keep sampling items until you find the right fit. It may mean that you choose a range of items to suit different staff members as the employees in the workshop or on the building sites will have different requirements to the front office staff. The branding will tie everything together so don’t feel like you have to choose one style to cover everyone.

5. Remember to consult with your employees

It’s a huge mistake not to consider the employees who need to wear the uniforms. Since they’ll be the ones working in them every day, employees will have valuable insight into what they need and want for their uniform. The uniform can impact employee productivity, morale and performance, so it’s important to make sure everyone is happy with the decision.

Ask them:  

Is this design going to make work easier and more convenient?

Is this fabric and style comfortable to wear?

Does this give you a range of motion and ease of movement?

Is it appropriate for the temperature (and other) conditions where you will be working?

Partner with a reliable uniform supplier

Unless your company has very deep pockets and a large storage area, you will most likely tend to order your uniforms as you need them.  For this to work well, you need to know that when you place your order you won’t have to wait ages for it to come. The majority of our uniform suppliers hold great stocks across the colours and sizes so we’re able to deliver your garments to our branding team within a day or so.  As your logo will already be set up, we can fast track your order so that it’s turned around as quickly as possible and back out on a courier to you. This allows you to order exactly what you need and not end up with a room full of size XXS or 7XL shirts gathering dust. We’ve been looking after company uniforms since 2003 so take a look at www.montys.co.nz or drop us a line at promo@montys.co.nz to get started on choosing the perfect work uniform for your business.